Becky Lynch Wants To See Seth Rollins Beat Up AEW’s Marko Stunt At Wrestlemania

Becky Lynch Wants To See Seth Rollins Beat Up AEW’s Marko Stunt At Wrestlemania

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Who is Seth Rollins facing at Wrestlemania? It’s the biggest question of the weekend and while we’re all convinced it’ll be Cody Rhodes that marches to the ring to do battle with Rollins, that’s not set in stone. Even Rollins himself is having fun with the possibilities, tweeting GIFs of a number of potential opponents, including AEW’s Marko Stunt.

Normally, Stunt would seem like a non-starter, but according to a number of reports his AEW contract is coming to an end. What’s more, it could be a pretty entertaining match. Realistically, we know it won’t be Stunt standing across the street from Rollins, but there is one person who would personally love to see that and it’s Rollins’ wife, Becky Lynch.

Speaking to GameSpot about the possibility of her husband facing Stunt, Lynch was ecstatic. “He’s gonna crush him,” the reigning Raw Women’s Champion proclaimed. “He’s gonna crush whoever it is. He’s gonna frickin’ stomp him in 24 seconds. The two of us will have a real easy night. I’ll beat Bianca [Belair] in 10 seconds. He’ll have Marko Stunt done in freakin’ 24. We’ll head off, get a few tequilas, throw it down. Look after the baby. It’ll be great.”

While the chances of Rollins walking out of Wrestlemania against his mystery opponent with a 24-second victory are slim at best, it’s good that Lynch has high hopes for his match, as well as her own against Bianca Belair. Whoever walks down the ramp to face Rollins, it’s clear Big Time Becks has a pretty great night of celebrating planned, so hopefully, things work out the way she wants.

Wrestlemania airs live on Peacock Saturday and Sunday, April 2 and 3. Make sure you take a look at our breakdown of the match card and everything you need to know about Wrestlemania 38–and the coolest items exclusively for sale during the big weekend.

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