Benefits of Having the Right Classroom Furniture for Toddlers



It is a proven fact that children who attend preschool generally fare out better with adapting to formal school compared to children who do not. They have better literacy, problem-solving skills, cognitive skills and social skills. Due to this, parents capitalize on sending their children to the best preschools possible. These are schools that do not only give importance to education but also genuinely care for the needs of their students by investing on the right classroom furniture that help memory retention. Educational furniture can be in the form of early years tables and chairs, wooden in preference as they are environment friendly and safe for children, as well as rugs and mats that help in visually reminding children of numbers, different shapes and primary colors.

To help enhance learning, classroom furniture should be given as much importance as teaching methodologies. Studies prove that ergonomics not only plays an essential role in learning efficiency but physical growth as well especially because students spend as much time in school as they do at home. How parents care for their children at home should also be the same way that schools care for their students. Having the right furniture helps children focus on the lessons being taught while avoiding laziness and drowsiness. Not having the proper furniture may have severe effects on their health such as back pains, that, if not addressed can lead to other things.

Safety should also be considered in classroom furniture. Since toddlers are extremely playful and restless, chairs and desks should preferably have rounded corners to avoid any accidents while playing. They should also be very easy to move around for all the learning activities that are planned for the day.

While maintaining ergonomics, classroom furniture should also be fun for kids to remember their lessons better. Toddlers, because of their very young age, have a difficult time focusing on one thing and tend to busy themselves with whatever catches their eye. It is extremely easy to lose their attention if you linger on a subject too long or if they simply get bored. A great way of making kids remember their lessons is if they see a visual reminder of what they have learned constantly. These can be alphabets painted on walls, toy blocks of different shapes and sizes or a big picture book of different animals. While they are helpful, visual reminders do not have to be limited to school supplies alone. Make your bedroom more fun by utilizing educational furniture as well as chairs with their backs designed as different animals, themed rugs or mats that can be their shapes, the sun or moon, or also, a puzzle game. You may also use chairs painted in different primary colors to remind them of red, white and blue or storage bins that have different pictures of items on it. The options are simply endless. All that is needed is a little creativity here and there and in the process you are helping your student hone his cognitive skills faster than kids in his age group. Themed rugs that have board games help children improve their social skills and as well as encourage team dynamics among others. The trick to teaching children is making them feel that they are just playing and having fun instead of forcing the belief that they are being schooled.

Education has always evolved with the advent of every new study and every new avenue discovered but school environments did not evolve the same way learning methods. Little has changed in classroom furniture over the years and sadly, at the expense of the health and welfare of children. Now that studies have proved that the incorrectly designed classroom furniture for children can have a grave impact in their growing little bodies, the call for a better ergonomics should be addressed by not merely schools, but is the responsibility of parents as well by investing on educational furniture that will be comfortable, safe and healthy to a child. Early years tables and chairs wooden need not be boring. They can be in the form of different animals, numbers, letters, shapes and colors. Tackle two matters with one simple solution, investing on the right furniture for children.



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