Benefits of Pranayama


Pranayama yoga is one of the five yoga principles that focus on breathing properly. Breathing is an important factor in yoga. Breathing in yoga means bringing more oxygen into the person’s blood and into his brain and to learn how to have full control of ‘prana’ (vital energy of life or breath).

Proper breathing control is a common theme of different types of yoga. All types of yoga have a session dedicated to learn proper breathing. However, Pranayama yoga solely focuses on breathing and how to breathe properly. Breathing, as according to yoga teaching, is the most important aspect of life. It is because of breathing that we are able to live. Without it, we cease to exist.

The term “pranayama” is also referred to as the science of breathing control. It consists of a series of exercises, which are intended to keep the human body in vibrant health. Typically, it is a series of exercises for yoga practitioners as preparation to meditation.

Pranayama yoga goes hand-in-hand with performing the Yogatic principle, Asanas. When combined, these two are considered the most elite form of of cleansing and self discipline of both mind and body. Thus, regularly performing pranayama yoga can help you relieve stress, tension and overall inner peace. Indeed, the benefits of pranayama are very rewarding.

Complete Benefits of Pranayama Yoga

Benefits of pranayama teach yoga practitioners the overall science of breathing control. By learning these pranayama principles, a yoga practitioner will be able to breathe properly that will able his body to bring more oxygen to the blood, brain and all body parts.

Here is a list of the health benefits of pranayama:

• Indluced in the benfits of pranayama is to deliver healthy oxygen to our body. Oxygen is vital for proper functioning of the brain, glands, nerves as well as other internal organs.

• Oxygen cleans the blood stream

• Another one of the benefits is to practice breathing deeply. Without learning pranayama yoga and proper breathing techniques, most of us indulge in shallow breathing. Shallow breathing does not exercise the lungs and may take effect on its function.

• Benefits of paranyama also include improving your metabolism and health condition. Learning how to breathe properly aids improve your wellness.

• Pranayama yoga helps you focus, which makes our mind and body stronger and more focused.

• Benefits of pranayama also include stress relief. Our way of living today exposes us to stress inducing factors constantly. Learning pranayama yoga may help us feel better and relaxed.

Other Benefits of Pranayama Yoga

Breathing is a normal part of our life. One of the benefits is to teach yogees the correct way to breathe. We normally breathe through our chest, which only uses a fraction of our lungs. This is not healthy that can lead to quite a few health risks.

Exercising yogatic breathing can increase the capacity of the lungs, which then brings us more oxygen for our body parts to function better.

Pranayama also helps eliminate the toxins and bodily wastes. It also aids digestion, develops mental focus and concentration, relaxes the body, better self control, and inner peace. With benefits of yoga, the mind can function better and maintains positive energy.


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