Benefits of SAP ERP Software


SAP or System Analysis and Program Development is a set of business application software modules designed and patented by five German IBM engineers who formed the SAP AG Company. These modules are designed to client or server environment. The modules are consolidated and they unify most functions that are required by big corporations. These functions include manufacturing, finance, sales, distribution and human resources. There are over 1000 business processes that each module can address. As of the year 2009 SAP was the largest enterprise software company in the world. It provides enterprise software to companies of all sizes.

The company’s products mainly deal with ERP or Enterprise Resources Planning. Few of its products include SAP ECC, SAP ERP, and SAP Business Suit. The business suit application deals with Customer Relations Management or CRM, Product Lifecycle Management or PLM, Supply Chain Management SCM, and Supply Relations Management SPM. The most popular application of the company is SAP ERP software.

This is the application is an integrated ERP software. It targets the software requirements used in medium sized and large companies in all the industries and sectors. This software comprises several modules. These modules include utilities for marketing and sales, product design and development, human resources, finance, accounting, production control and inventory control. Even though the software has many benefits the implementation of this software is expensive. The initial cost to set up the system is expensive enough but the company has also to pay for the added training costs. There are a number of problems experienced when implementing the software. Some of these problems include the failure to specify operational objectives, a strong and positive approach to change is not available, and the software fails also to handle organizational differences and inadequate testing.

The advantages of the software allows for an easy global integration. This means that the differences in language, exchange rates of currency, as well as cultural difference are easily bridged. The updates need only to be the one time and it is automatically implemented across the company. The real-time information it provides effectively reduces the possibility of redundancy errors. It also creates an efficient work environment for employees. There are also a few disadvantages to the software. The software is very inflexible. The vendor packages may not fit a certain business model of the company and the procedure to customize it could be very expensive. Some times the implementation of this system can lead to a complete project failure.

SAP ERP module

For an enterprise to achieve its required goals it is essential for all the different departments to work harmoniously. SAP pr system analysis and program department can is a set of modules that can help an entrepreneur plan, manage and control his business smoothly. The different SAP modules are finance, human resources, customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, product lifecycle management, supply chain management, SAP co (controlling), SAP FI (financial accounting), SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning system),etc. Among these the most widely and commonly used module is SAP ERP.Fl refinance

In SAP ERP module enterprise is the keyword. With this module an entrepreneur can make use of ERP, which is a computer application, to manage the different departments through a centralized system. They can be managed and controlled efficiently and this helps to bring the department. With the help of this module there can be continuous flow of accurate information among the different department so that the production and supply functions can be carried out effectively, efficiently and smoothly. This helps to improve the relationship between the employer and the employee. When the working environment for an employee improves there is an automatic boost in the production and supply of goods and services. With the help of SAP ERP modules departmentalization can be made easier and the different departmental heads will be able to communicate smoothly.

There are tips on SAP and its modules on the internet. Different people can learn this process on the internet for free and it is not always necessary to study all the modules as SAP is broken down into a number of modules. One can start and stop at his or her convenience and study what he/she thinks is required at that point of time.

These online courses have integrated practical and theoretical knowledge so that the learner can benefit from all sides. In addition to this there are different books and magazines in the local market on this issue. Before implementing this businessman can get their research done from the internet can get to know about its advantages and disadvantages and can implement it within the enterprise as he/he thinks best.


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