Best Black Friday Game Controller Deals: Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, And More

Best Black Friday Game Controller Deals: Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, And More

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If you’re looking to snag an extra controller or two for playing multiplayer games with family and friends over the holidays, Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday have a number of great deals on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile controllers right now. We’ve rounded up the best Cyber Monday controller deals for each platform below.

For more gaming deals, make sure to check out our roundup of the best Cyber Monday game deals. If you’re shopping for a specific platform, we have lists covering the best Cyber Monday PlayStation deals, Xbox deals, and Nintendo Switch deals.

Xbox Series X and Xbox One controller Cyber Monday deals

Xbox Controllers
Xbox controllers

While we’re not seeing as steep of discounts as we sometimes do on Microsoft’s official wireless controller for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, you can save $10 to $15 on a bunch of different color schemes. And if you’re in the market for something more premium, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is discounted to $140 at the Microsoft Store.

  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Carbon Black) — $50 ($60)
  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Robot White) — $50 ($60)
  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Shock Blue) — $50 ($65)
  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Pulse Red) — $50 ($65)
  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Electric Volt) — $50 ($65)
  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Daystrike Camo) — $55 ($70)
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller — $140 ($180)
  • Razer Wolverine Ultimate — $100 ($160)
  • Razer Wolverine V2 — $70 ($100)

PlayStation controller Cyber Monday deals


Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any discounts on the PS5’s DualSense controller. As of now, there are three different colors to choose from: white, Midnight Black, and Cosmic Red.

  • DualSense (white) — $69
  • DualSense (Midnight Black) — $69
  • DualSense (Cosmic Red) — $74

Nintendo Switch controller Cyber Monday deals

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

You have a lot of different controller options to choose from for the Nintendo Switch. While the official Joy-Con controllers are great for handheld mode, it’s definitely more comfortable to use a traditional gamepad when gaming on the TV. From the official Switch Pro controller to great third-party options from companies like Hori and PowerA, there’s plenty to choose from.

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller — $59 ($70)
  • Joy-Con (Gray) — $69 ($80)
  • Joy-Con (Neon Purple/Neon Orange) — $69 ($80)
  • Joy-Con (Neon Red/Neon Blue) — $69 ($80)
  • Joy-Con (Neon Pink/Neon Green) — $69 ($80)
  • Hori Split Pad Pro — $45 ($50)
  • PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller — $37 ($55)

Mobile controller Cyber Monday deals

Razer Kishi
Razer Kishi

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever and with cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia, and Luna (among others), having a dedicated gamepad to play games on your phone can come in handy. While you can use PlayStation or Xbox controller with your phone, you may want to opt for a gamepad that turns your phone into a Switch-like device. The Razer Kishi, our pick for the best phone controller for iOS and Android, is on sale for a really low price right now.

  • Razer Kishi (Android) — $45 ($80)
  • Razer Kishi (iOS) — $60 ($100)

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