Bill Skarsgard In “Clark” Series Trailer

Bill Skarsgard In “Clark” Series Trailer

by Sue Jones
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Bill Skarsgard In Clark Series Trailer

“IT” star Bill Skarsgard plays Clark Olofsson, the man who inspired what is dubbed ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, in Netflix’s upcoming limited series “Clark” which has just released a trailer.

In 1973, Olofsson’s prison friend Janne Olsson robbed a bank and took four hostages, then demanded Olofsson be released to come and help him.

The police released Olofsson, who not only helped Olsson but began developing friendships with the hostages. Ultimately, the hostages ended up pleading for lighter sentencing for their captors.

Olofsson became a media darling and counter-culture figure who led a tumultuous but exciting life of crime before changing names and settling down in Belgium. 

Jonas Akerlund directs the Swedish-language drama series which will debut exclusively on Netflix soon.

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