Boston Dynamics shows its quadruped Spot has what it takes to be a TikTok star


Through the looking glass: The Boston Dynamics four-legged robot known as Spot is a machine with many talents. Seriously. It can do a lot of stuff now.

I remember being amazed and somewhat disturbed when it learned how to open doors. Now it can operate a rickshaw, clean house, weed the garden, jump rope, pee beer into a cup, and work for the NYPD (temporarily).

Spot has also long been able to dance, but BD just dropped a new video to its YouTube channel showing Spot has real potential as a TikTok lip-syncing sensation (above). In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones album Tattoo You, Boston Dynamics programmed several Spot quadrupeds to perform the beginning of the band’s iconic “Start Me Up” music video. It was hard for the little robot to perform some of Mick Jagger’s moves without having two arms to flail in the air, but if you’ll pardon the pun, its lip-syncing was Spot-on.

My favorite part is when two other Spot units mimic Brian Jones and Keith Richards by gathering with the Mick-Jagger wannabe to sing, “You make a grown man cry.” It was, indeed, enough to make me wanna cry… laughing. Slow clap of the cinematographer too. His camera work matched the Stones video perfectly.

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