California Construction – Using Technology To Compete In Today's Economy



Anyone can make money in the California construction field when the market is steaming hot; with the economy entering a cooling phase, however, Licensed California Contractors need to do something to tip the scales in their favor if they want to continue to grow, or at the very least, maintain their current level of business.

It is no longer enough for a licensed California contractor to be a hard worker committed to meticulous detail. Certainly these are things still worth pursuing for, but to corner your share of the California construction market, you need to be up on what today's clients want and need-including the latest in advertising and information resource technology.

Successful California Contractors Get Online

The internet is essential in business today; the construction business is no exception.

The internet is an invaluable information resource for today's California construction professionals. The latest and most up-to-date industry news is most accessible online. All the major industry publications are online, as well as access to professional licensing agencies and trade organizations. And when any of these entities update their print media, you can bet that you'll have access to it online long before its printed version can reach your home mailbox.

Additionally, the internet is the best place to find updated job postings, contract postings, and requests for proposals. In fact, several trade organizations have devoted all or a portion of their site to researching and posting just this information. By accessing job and contract offers online, you can get your bids in far ahead of those relying on printed versions (some of which may never come as more and more companies are doing all their business online).

Probably even more important than utilizing online construction information resources is building your own online presence. Plain and simple, if your construction business is not online, it does not exist to a very large portion of your target California construction market. The internet has replaced the yellow pages and trade directories as a consumer's first choice for contractor location.

The internet is the first place most people will go when they need to find a service professional. And if you think it's enough that your construction company is listed in some online yellow-pages or trade directory, think again. Clients expect to be able to look you up on the 'net' first so they can make their own decision about your professionalism and scope of services. Even people who already know about your business will prefer to learn more about you online before hiring you. Without the presence of a website, your company will be looked up as one that is 'behind the times', one that is unable to keep up with the innovative technologies of today-and they'll assume the same in regards to your construction services .

For some California construction companies, computer technology seems dispensable; even though your construction services may not directly rely on a computer, your client outreach does. To continue to compete in today's cooled California construction market, you need to realize that the only way to maximize your business's job access and exposure is to embrace the technology everyone else is using.



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