Modern Warfare 2019 attracted lapsed Battlefield players but now with the problematic integration and takeover of Call Of Duty by Cold War, it’s time to see if the door is open for Battlefield 6 to take the big team battle crown back.

Aaron Sampson
Richie B

Modern Warfare 2019 attracted lapsed Battlefield players by breaking from Call Of Duty’s formula using mil-sim-inspired weapon handling, big team battle modes, and Warzone. Modern Warfare executed on an extensive year-long content plan that included new weapons, special events, and experimental modes. That all ended around the time Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launched and took over the season pass, buried Modern Warfare in Warzone’s launcher, dumped around 30 weapons into Warzone, created balance issues, and gave Modern Warfare players rewards for a game they might not own. Recent investor calls by both Activision and EA have confirmed new Call of Duty and Battlefield games targeted to release in late 2021. Not only that, but Battlefield 6 is being worked on by DICE LA, now run by Vince Zampella, an original Call of Duty developer.

In this video, Aaron and Richie talk about what was so groundbreaking about Modern Warfare, why Battlefield fans loved it, and what made them leave Battlefield in the first place. This video also looks at the studios rumored to be developing both games and what advantages they might have over each other.

The next Call of Duty and Battlefield titles are targeted to release in 2021. Battlefield 6 will have a reveal this spring. No further information has been announced on the next Call Of Duty game, however, initial trailers often drop in April or May.