Can You Really Automate An Online Business?


If you want to build a passive income online, you’re going to need to use automation. Passive income is revenue that you earn today (and tomorrow) through the efforts you put in yesterday and today. Of course, earning passive income does involve work up front but if you build your automation systems correctly, you’ll be able to take breaks and do less work while your income continues to rise on autopilot.

Your Blog

There are plenty of blogging activities that you can set to automate your online business so you can focus on more important parts of running your business. Schedule posts to go live on your blog in advance. If you can work your business a quarter ahead, you’ll find that you will make a lot more money due to being prepared.


These are great email marketing automation tools. You can set up an automated series for all your products or services, whether paid or free, that will automatically go to the people who sign up to your email list.

Email automation allows you to do a lot of your email marketing hands-off. You don’t have to manually do everything. You can schedule autoresponder emails to go out and set up a sales funnel that works for you night and day.

Publish an eBook

When you write your own eBook, it’s a great way to do work up front and then use it to get more customers and clients by telling people about it. Writing an eBook is not as challenging as you may think. It takes nothing but time to write an eBook. Just write every time you have 10 or 15 minutes of free time. Plenty of successful authors, of both eBooks and physical books, do it this way.

Sign Up As An Affiliate

An affiliate earns a proportion of sales that are made through their link. Even if you have your own products, locate good quality affiliate products to promote to your audience too. Work with companies that provide life-long cookies to help build your passive income.

Use Akismet For Comment Moderation

Reading, approving and replying to your comments takes time. This is one of the tasks many bloggers know is necessary, but can quickly become irritating and disheartening. Use the WordPress plug-in Akismet to do much of the work for you. There are filters and settings you put in place to take care of the vast majority of comment approvals for you.


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