Cartoon Sketching – How to Improve Your Skill Level

by AVA
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Amongst various hobbies, getting started with cartoon drawing is most simple and inexpensive plus the fun that one can have from this hobby is unmatched. But to tell the truth many beginners fail to get the full pleasure out of cartoon drawing because when they try to draw something they finally end up in a mess.

The sole reason behind this is a lack of basic skills. As you can imagine like any other art form cartoon drawing also require some basic skill and some good amount of practice.

One mistake beginners often make that they try to draw complex drawings at the outside. But that's hard the way to start. What you should be doing is

  1. Start with simple drawings
  2. and gradually move to more complex drawings

And also make it a point, that you should never lose heart if your initial drawings are not to write anything home about. Because they want to be: But as you keep on practicing your skill level will improve and your drawings will start looking more professional.

Time and again I have seen many youngsters with lots of possibilities take up the art of drawing cartoons but fail to cross the learning curve. You should not let that happen with you.

Although there are no shortcuts, here in this article I will give some pointers that will help you get started and make your work easier.

Learn to control your lines: in fact whatever you may choose to draw you basically draw numerous lines, straight lines and curve lines. If you learn to control your lines effectively then practically you can draw anything you want, successfully.

1. Do not let your hand touch the paper: while drawing, your hand should never touch the drawing paper. The only contact between your body and the drawing paper should be the pencil.

2. Do not grab the pencil like you do when you write: you should not be grabbing the pencil at the tip instead you should grab it at a point 3 to 4 inches far from the tip this will let you control the motion of the pencil more easily and effectively.

3. Doodle on a rough paper before starting your final drawing. Draw some freehand circular and elliptical shapes on a rough paper before getting started with your final drawing this will help to fire up in your finger and hand muscles and make them ready for the final show.



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