Castle Drawing – How to Draw a Fantasy Castle

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Fantasy castles are really just imaginative drawings based on real existing castles of the world and there are some great sites that feature some extensive photos of actual castles from all around the world. And this is what this article is about, drawing a fantasy inspired castle based upon real life castles.

Although it is best to take certain elements of existing castles and mix and match them to make your castles original, really though a fantasy castle drawing works best when you try to draw them against a fantasy landscape backdrop, as this frames your castle drawing and puts the focus to the viewer of the artwork piece right on the castle regardless where it is positioned in the picture.

Starting with a loose sketch, draw the size and the shape of your castle building and mark out a few of the towers and a bit of the mountain that the castle will be situated, by sketching lightly in draft, you are creating a sense of what you want to achieve, make sure you’re beginning pencil lines begin to lay the foundation of your overall drawing.

Now we need to develop the drawing even further, more sketching is required to work up more of the castle’s structure and the mountain side, a sketchier approach will bring out some wonderful random pencil lines that will help you to place more detail later on and the towers are sketched a little harder with the roofs all marked in, start to add windows at this point and a main entrance to make it more scaled down to a specific castle building.

Sometimes another pencil may be required so use a soft 2b pencil for adding darker lines and some shading where it is needed for the drawing to show some kind of light source and where the darkness falls, much of the details are also added now, like more brickwork detail and rock detail on the mountain side as well as what could be in the background landscape such as a few hills and the moon, you’ll see by now that the castle has come along way from that initial sketch that you did in the first step.

An optional inking of all of the dark areas could be used to make the black ink drawing lines contrast against the white of the papers surface, this is a comic book method that is not really required if you feel that your drawing looks okay the way it does in pencil, so feel free to draw a castle in your own way.



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