Chaos In The Classroom



Education is the key to success, and it can play a vital role in producing children that will be an asset to their society. We have an obligation to provide our children with an education that would make them productive citizens. Teachers are responsible for training and educating our children. Teachers are the backbone and corner stone of the classroom. They help children develop their talents, dreams, abilities and goals. However, a teacher’s primary goal is the make sure that a child graduates from high school. Nevertheless, teachers find it difficult many times to accomplish this goal due to disciplinary problems in the classroom and lack of proper managerial support.

The public school system is plagued with disciplinary problems. Many of the children in the public school system come from a poor socioeconomic society. Their family has a history of social problems such as abuse, drugs, violence and poverty. A great deal of the students are raised in a one-parent household. Many times the father is just not there or incarcerated.. Teachers are faced with the challenges of educating children with a tremendous amount of behavioral problems and social illness.

Some of the students in the classrooms are gang members. They subject other students to violence. Also, they bring weapons to school and create hostile learning environments. There are times when children in the classroom are victims of verbal abuse and bullying. There are students in the classrooms that are unmotivated and late for class frequently. When these types of students come to school, they want to disrupt the entire classroom. This makes it difficult for teachers to give good classroom instructions, manage the classroom as well as help students with their weakness. It’s very difficult for a teacher to have time to provide feedback to students in a classroom that does not have structure.

The teachers are forced to be creative and attempt to educate some children that are stubborn and lack the will to want to learn. Some of the students in the classroom refuse to follow rules. Also, there is no respect for teachers, adults or authority. It is difficult for any educator to teach and be successful in this type of learning environment.

Furthermore, management’s failure to support teachers properly with the disciplinary problems in the classroom is another part of the problem. Students are committing zero tolerance offences such as threatening the teachers, fighting, possessing drugs and carrying weapons and are being allow to come right back in the classroom. The punishments many times are not fitting the crimes that the students are committing. Sometime the supervisors at the schools are not calling the police for crimes students commit because they don’t want the bad publicity. Therefore, there are times when the criminal offences don’t get handled properly. Also, the teachers are not getting enough feedback and support from supervisors at the school. The supervisors also are not doing enough classroom assessments. The lack of corporal punishment in schools where there is a huge amount of disciplinary issues is another problem.

The disciplinary problems in the classroom, and how it affects teachers is a very complex problem. Solving this problem requires a lot of time, research, revenue and hard work. It’s a community and educational problem. It takes love, commitment and collaboration to solve the problem. There must be a committed effort from the teachers, parents, students and the community to solve the disciplinary problems in the classroom. We must make a conscious effort to do everything we can to make sure that the teachers have a safe, productive and successful work environment.



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