Chatr Mobile flash sale adds 2GB of bonus data to plans for 12 months


Rogers’ flanker brand Chatr Mobile launched another flash sale offering customers 2GB of bonus data per month for 12 months.

New activations of a ‘Talk, Text & Data’ plan priced $35 or more will get the 2GB data bonus. Chatr notes in the fine print that the bonus will expire if the account becomes inactive or if customers change their plan.

Chatr’s eligible plans are as follows:

  • $70/mo 20GB with Unlimited Canada/U.S. Talk
  • $60/mo 15GB with Unlimited Canada/U.S. Talk
  • $50/mo 10GB with Unlimited Canada/U.S. Talk
  • $40/mo 4.5 with Unlimited Canada-wide Talk
  • $35/mo 2.5GB with Unlimited Canada-wide Talk

All the above plans can get the 2GB bonus. They also come with unlimited texting and customers who sign up for auto-pay will get a bonus of 500MB of data each month.

Chatr’s flash sale ends March 14th.

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