Cooler Master’s Sneaker X is a fresh addition to a mundane PC case market

Cooler Master’s Sneaker X is a fresh addition to a mundane PC case market

by Lily White
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Cooler Master starts taking pre-orders for the case in Q3 2022 


Sneaker X Header

Cooler Master’s new concept PC case is literally a supersized sneaker.

No, StockX scalpers, don’t get too excited. It’s not a wearable sneaker that you can flip for a quick profit. It’s a PC case designed to look like a sneaker that the company revealed for its 30th anniversary.

The case, which Cooler Master is calling the Sneaker X, was first developed by modder JMDF for Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series in 2020.

While images don’t do justice in showing the true size of the case, the video embedded above shows how grandiose the shoe PC case is. It’s big enough to fit all PC internals, including all the latest CPUs and GPUs, along with an AIO (all-in-one) cooler.

Further, the video shows Cooler Master’s Elite V4 power supply unit installed, which is 140(L) x 150(W) x 86(H)mm in dimension, giving you a better perspective of how big the case is.

This is a fresh and creative addition to the inflated collection of mundane PC cases in the market, many of which Cooler Master makes itself.

While Cooler Master hasn’t revealed how much the case will cost, the company will start accepting pre-orders in Q3 2022.

While you’re waiting, bask in the Sneaker X’s glory below:

Image credit: Cooler Master

Source: Cooler Master

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