Create an Inspiring Photo Book with These Top Ideas

by Lily White
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Are you thinking of creating a photo book to keep as a souvenir? Whether you have photos from your summer holidays, a backpacking trip abroad, or of your new baby, there are lots of different things you can do with your photo books. There are many inspirational ways you can create a photo book that will be shared with family and treasured well into the future.


Create a photo book

You can use our online editor to create a beautiful photo book. The website is straightforward to use, and you’ll be able to make a professional-looking book. Just upload your photos and choose a theme. You’ll then be able to edit the layout, add text, and choose motifs. You can select a ready-designed book or make your own. Each book is fully customizable, and you’ll be able to edit it to make it unique.


Create a Yearbook

Have you just finished school? If you’re looking for a unique way to capture your school days and preserve your childhood memories, you can create a yearbook. Add pictures of your friends, school trips, and your graduation. This will help you to commemorate your big achievements.


Family Annual

A lot can happen in the space of a year; birthdays, holidays, new babies, celebrations, and Christmas parties. Capture everything on camera and then use our tools to create a unique photo book that you can look back on with fond memories over the coming years.


Baby Photo Books

Your new addition is growing up fast; you could take a photo every day or every week and turn them into a photo book. You’ll be able to record the changes as they take place and remember the milestones and challenges of that first year.

By creating a photo book that’s packed with the little one’s favorite things, you can make their adventure into the world fun, bright and colorful.


Your Life in Four Seasons Photo Book

Your home, garden, and street will change from month to month. Mark the passing of the seasons with a photo book that captures the moments in your life from season to season. Capture beautiful nature photos as you go on your morning dog walk or record the changing seasons with family trips to the beach.


Anniversary photo book

It’s traditional to mark the first year of marriage with an anniversary gift made from paper. Creating a photo book that marks your first year of married life together is a lovely way to celebrate.

An anniversary photo book could be used to mark other big anniversaries as well.


Get the Kids to make a photo book

Encourage your kids to get creative and make their very own photo book. This makes an excellent project for a rainy day during the summer holidays. Get the kids to choose photos and upload them to our website, where they can then select their favorite theme and customize the photo book.

Alternatively, get your children to write their own bedtime story and take photos to illustrate what’s going on. You can then turn this into a unique photo book. It will be a great memento of their childhood.


By Jack Vidal 

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