Create An Oil Painting Masterpiece From Your Photos


The tradition of portrait painting was prevalent prior to the development of photography. Royal and aristocratic families used to have paintings of family members from past generations. Couples that got engaged used to send portrait paintings to one another before their marriage. Photography has taken the place of portrait painting tradition. However, it is well known that photographs fade away with time, while an oil painting can last for many generations. The portrait becomes a souvenir for the family and an artistic item deepening the family roots. Your image becomes real for next generations and a beautiful moment in the present becomes a personal item decorating your house.

Painting an oil portrait is a task that requires a lot of skill and patience. Not many painters can create a portrait which reflects well the painted figures. Such an artwork painting can last about 1 week (depending on the size and complexity of the painting). Many of you probably think that they can not afford such a painting. You probably think that it costs 1000s of dollars. Well … Truth is, that you do not have to come from a royal family to have your own hand painted oil portrait hung on your wall.

Years ago, if we wanted to have an oil portrait of ourselves, we had to sit in front of the portraitist for hours and hours in order for him to complete the task. Today, all that is needed is to send some good quality digital photos by email to the painter, who prints them on an A4 paper, or even better, uses a projector to project the photo on the canvas and your very own oil portrait is being born ….

Today, if you want to have an oil portrait of all your family for example, you do not need to send the painter a photo of all your family. You can send separate photos of each member of the family and ask the painter to put them together in one painting. You can ask for specific background, change clothes, hair or anything that else that you feel like. The sky is the limit.

The technology of today allows us to view our portrait online while it is being painted. The artist only needs to take a photo of it and send to us, so we can see it being created and tell the artist if we want him to change anything. This way, you can feel as you are taking an active part of your work of art.

While all this technology that makes the oil portrait painting easier and affordable, it may seem a bit less romantic to some of you. One thing I can assure you – the result is as romantic as it used to be hundreds of years ago.

The oil painting we create from your photo, becomes the most personal and unique gift you can give to your loved ones for their anniversary, wedding, birthday or any moment you would like to turn into a special one.


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