Crucial announces Crucial Ballistix Max 5100 gaming DRAM extreme memory kit

Crucial announces Crucial Ballistix Max 5100 gaming DRAM extreme memory kit

by Emily Smith
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Crucial has released more information about its limited edition Crucial Ballistix Max 5100 gaming DRAM, and it’s speedy stuff indeed.

It’s worth immediately noting that the memory kit already holds the current world record for fastest memory at DDR4-6666 on HWBot so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

As Crucial explained in its press release, it’s purpose-built memory with gaming specifically in mind each step of the way. While that might sound like marketing conjecture, the stats show that it must be making a difference. “We were the first to launch DDR4, the first to put LEDs on gaming DRAM, and now our latest Crucial Ballistix memory is giving gamers a sharper edge by enabling higher frame rates and better system performance,” explained Teresa Kelley, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Consumer Products Group. 

In the case of the Ballistix Max DDR4-5100 memory kit, it comes in a dual-channel package with a density of 16GB. Each module runs at 5,100MHz with CAS latency timings configured to CL19-26-26-48. It requires a DRAM voltage of 1.5V to operate at these frequencies. 

Crucial has been a little cagey with other details such as what integrated circuits it uses, as well as the price we should expect. 

It’s already been announced that there will be strictly limited availability at launch, whether you buy directly from Crucial or at one of its selected choices of retailers. While there’s no official price from Crucial, the Crucial Ballistix Max 5100 gaming DRAM has already been spotted at Amazon. There, it’s priced at £853.19 – an alarming price by any measure given what you could do with that kind of money on other upgrades, especially as we’re talking a 16GB memory kit, albeit an incredibly fast 16GB. 

Still, this is highly limited memory and Crucial is responsible for world records as well as setting the standard for “extreme performance”. If you’re a keen extreme overclocker, this should be the kit for you. Providing you’ve got a spare £800+, that is. It’ll be fascinating to see more benchmarks and reviews come out for this kit to see if it really is worth the price. 

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