Developing a Lifestyle of Worship



True Praise and Worshipings God on the scene. Here, I'm not referring to singing a few praise (hot) songs and a couple of worship (cool) songs and drawing the curtains. A heart of worship should be cultured from an attitude of worship. Martha and Mary were two sisters but one (Mary) knew how to worship Jesus and got to the heart of the Master. Look at John 11:32.

Worship has been in existence from the beginning of creation. There are various ways we express our worship to the most high God. Ever before man was made Angels were in ceaseless worship of the most High God. What or who you worship is an indication of your belief. When Satan came to temptation Jesus in the 40 days' fast he bought the worship of God's son. The object of worship is the ruler of your life.

Worship should be a lifestyle. We know one man in the Bible who knew how to worship God. David. He had a very good relationship with God through his worship. He had a heart of worship which showed in his attitude. Even when he had sinned he quickly repented and went back to God.

True worship draws God's attention to you and your situation. We saw Mary falling down at the feet of Jesus. John 11:32. This act of worship made Jesus to groan. Martha went with the same message (that Lazarus was dead) but there was no record that Jesus groaned; but when Mary went to deliver the same message and fell at the feet of Jesus (an act of worship – the Hebrew word for this act of worship is " Proskuneo " – which means to kneel or prostrate to do homage in order to express respect or make supplication) he was touched. Jesus was going to the house to resurrect Lazarus anyway but that act of worship from Mary moved him. It was this same Mary that anointed the feet of Jesus with an expensive perfume and wiped it with her hair. John 12: 3. Wow! This woman knows how to worship.

Worship God irrespective of your circumstances. Mary's circumstances did not hinder her making making obeisance to the Master. In whatever situation she found herself, she placed the worship of God above all her circumstances as we see in John 11:32.

Learning how to worship; and developing a lifestyle of worship is to our own advantage. It does something good to our soul and also brings God on the scene. You become the habit of God because God dwells in the praises of his people. You can not be the habit of God and not carry the glory and presence of the most High.

The Power of Praise and Worship (this will be a topic for another time) can not be underestimated. Psalms 119: 164 talks about scheduled praises. "Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous rules". The Psalmist said seven times a day do I praise the Lord. Seven times a day. Setting time aside during the day to just worship – sing, talk and boast about the greatness and goodness of the Lord. The Psalmist had developed a lifestyle of worship. We can tell this did not happen overnight. If someone is setting aside seven times a day to just adore the most High God then he automatically develops a lifestyle of worship.

Therefore developing a lifestyle of worship will include consciously setting times besides to adore God . The most convenient time for you in every 24 hours. Devote time as an individual or as a family to just worship God everyday. This should not be complicated, it has to do with bringing yourself to a level where you have intimate relationship with God every day. This will come through your daily communion with God; entering into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. As you keep doing this, anytime you join the congregation of God in worship, you will not wait to be hyped up either by the worship leader or team; Egypt musicians or pastors before you begin to worship. You will spontaneously be bursting out in praise and adoration to the most High God.

As you burst out in praise you can not but to worship. Worship becomes part of you and resounds from your heart. Being 'praiseful' and 'thankful' will most of the time produce spontaneous worship.

Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all his goodness.

Psalm 34: 9 (MSG – the message Bible)

May your worship experience move to a higher and a more personal intimate level; where you will freely "Nashaq" the Son. Psalm 2:12.

(" Nashaq" – is a Hebrew word and a style of worship which means to kiss; or touch gently or to be armed with weapons).

Your worship is a weapon. Use it to your advantage.



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