Different Kinds Of Gourmet Coffee


Coffee is so popular these days that it ranks as one of the three top beverages that people drink. Different people have different tastes, which is the reason why coffee manufacturers have taken to blends and coffee flavors to meet the demands and tastes of different people. The different kinds of coffee and coffee blends are sometimes called gourmet coffee.

The Beginning Of Coffee

The discovery of coffee was sometime in the 9th century, in Ethiopia, when a shepherd notice his goats cavorting around with fresh energy after having dined on some red berries on a high bush. It was told that the shepherd took home some of the berries and roasted them to be able to eat the seeds. This was how coffee was discovered. Soon, coffee reached the Turks and they started to pound the coffee beans and mix them in water.

As the beverage traveled to Europe, many people liked the strong taste and energy, which came with it. Many coffeehouses sprouted in Europe and people started experimenting on different roasting processes and different ways to prepare coffee.

Specialty Coffee

Nowadays, many companies and stores sell their coffee products with variations. Coffee is not anymore the simple black with sugar and cream but it has many different flavors. Some people still prefer their coffee straight black with just sugar but some of the younger generation like the newer gourmet coffee.

Gourmet coffee or specialty coffee is coffee made from exceptional beans and grown in very specific climates and soil. These kinds of coffee have very distinct flavors, which are sometimes adapted from the soils they grow on. Even the care that is given to the plant and the ways it will be harvested or process may be factors to the coffee being gourmet coffee plant.

Freshness is also an essential part to gourmet coffee being called gourmet coffee. If the beans that are used are processed while they are fresh, these give out a definite aroma. Truly fresh coffee is ground right before brewing and brewed within a week of roasting. Being aromatic is a big part to coffee being called a specialty coffee. It is usually the highest quality green beans roasted by expert roasters.

Specialty coffee does not refer to the way that coffee is brewed but instead reflects the quality of the beans used to make the coffee grounds and the process by which the grounds are processed. True gourmet coffee does not need additives to enhance their flavor. When flavor is added to coffee it becomes flavored coffee, not specialty coffee.
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