Dust off your old Palm, someone just made a Twitter client for it

Dust off your old Palm, someone just made a Twitter client for it

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In context: PDAs like those from Handspring were the precursors to modern smartphones. This particular variant appears to be the Deluxe model which featured a 3.0-inch, four-bit grayscale display, a 20MHz Motorola processor and 8MB of RAM. Ahh, much simpler times.

There’s something oddly endearing about running modern apps on legacy hardware, and that’s again evident in this creation from Twitter user @JorgeWritesCode.

The engineer recently managed to develop a Twitter client for his Handspring Visor personal digital assistant (PDA), a mobile computing relic that’s over 20 years old at this point. Jorge said the software is still kind of buggy, adding that tasks like tweeting and liking are still a work in progress, but that he’s “pretty happy with it.”

I… I… I think I built a Twitter client for Palm OS 😅 pic.twitter.com/UAdiWQOXPS

— Jorge (@JorgeWritesCode) March 10, 2021

Jorge is the first to admit that “no one asked for it” and “no one really needs it.” That’s true, but it’s neat nevertheless, and we’re glad it exists.

Handspring put out roughly half a dozen Visor models between 1999 and 2001 before shifting gears to the Treo line. In 2003, Handspring merged with Palm and the rest, as they say, is history.

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