Golden Seeds are vital items you can find in Elden Ring. You can use Golden Seeds to upgrade your Flasks of Tears and give them more charges. You’ll find these Golden Seeds scattered across the Lands Between, throughout Limgrave, Liurnia, Caelid, Atlus Plateau, and more. So here’s a starting guide on 25 of them you can find.

Dave Klein

Golden Seeds are vital to your progress in Elden Ring, as these are what will allow you to upgrade the number of uses you get out of your flasks of tears. While you’ll find most of them for exploring, some are also tied to questlines and bosses. In fact, I’m still working my way through to find all of them. I’m also not going to go into end-game territory as I don’t want to spoil that. But, I wanted to put together a guide for all you on every golden seed we’ve found so far – so if you’re struggling, or you have a nagging suspicion you missed one of these, you can go find it.

These will be in chronological order by area, and you’ll find quick links in the description so you can quickly skip ahead, and hopefully avoid spoilers for yourself. I’m also going to avoid the ultra late game area for now, as I don’t want to spoil that.