Elgato releases pedal controller for enhanced streamer controls


In brief: Elgato just released a new foot-operated controller to help better manage streams while your hands are full. Streamers are the primary target audience, but it looks like it could have a lot of other uses.

For $90, Elgato’s Stream Deck Pedal is essentially just three extra inputs that users can reach with their feet. It’s targeted at streamers who want to do things like control their mics, activate memes, or launch other apps while still playing a game or unboxing something. It looks similar to the pedals that come with steering wheels or flight sticks, but it has some extra software that makes it a bit more sophisticated.

Users can do a lot more than assign pedals to hotkeys. The software lets them set up profiles to tie the pedals to specific controls in different apps. Elgato even touts what looks like a simple drag-and-drop visual interface for setting up various functions. Users can also check the Stream Deck store for plugins that work with the pedal.

Simply having an extra set of hands-free inputs could be a help in virtually any situation on your PC. Aside from streaming, the pedal also works while doing things like editing video, making presentations (so it might help people working from home over Zoom), chatting, or simply playing games.

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