Environmental Education Starts With Positive Habits to Handle the Current Environmental Issues



Our earth is a small planet in this universe. With the current available technology, the scientists told that only the earth is fit for habitation. Earth provides clean water, fresh oxygen and fertile land to grow healthy food. However, in the recent 50 years, the rapid development of economic establishment, human beings have continually destructed the nature of earth. This causes climate changes and eventually more environmental issues such as destructed earthquakes, drought and flood disasters going to happen.

We pity innocent human beings killed in the catastrophes. However, what we could contribute to protect the earth? All start through environmental education. We need to change our mind to environmental positive habits in which we can pay some of our modest. First, we must implement the environmental protection beginning at home. Our basic necessities always cannot stay away from it. We often mention about the promotion of 5Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle). The important principle behind 5Rs, which we emphasize here, is environmental cleanliness at the source.

Environmental cleanliness at the source comes from our thoughts to understand how to undergo our daily lives without destroying the environment. We should always ask a question when we decide to purchase things. It is whether what I want or what I need. If these things are what we need, we can buy them. If these items are what I want, I should avoid thinking of them further. This is the idea of environmental cleanliness at the source. We can avoid excessive extravagance and waste. What drives us to buy unnecessary things is our desire. We should learn to control our desire at the first place with this positive habit.

To put the environmental cleanliness at the source in action, we clean all the glasses and plastic bottles after we have used them. The best way to clean it is to empty the bottles by rinsing water into it and then the rinsed water could be further used for the same purpose. For example, leftover cooking oil could be rinsed with water and continue used back to cook our food. Plastic bags could be reused to pack the wet food and are not simply thrown away after used up for one time. This will only be done with the mind of environmental positive habit.

Recycling is our last centre to send our resources to. We promote the recycling habits among our community members. People could help to segregate the resources into more precise categories in order to prevent recyclable items become waste in a recycling centre. All needs to have a proper environmental education.

By practicing this simple concept of putting cleanliness at source, our current environmental issues will be reduced and our planet will eventually be back to its greenery state. Of course, the environmental education needs to start with an environmental positive habit as its first step.



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