ESL Teaching – Tips For Developing Good Relations With Your Students

by Lily White
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To manage children in a positive way and create a good working environment it is essential to develop a good relationship with your students. This article offers ESL teachers some tips on this matter.

Students often relate good teaching qualities with having a good relationship with their teacher. They see the teacher’s personality traits as key to the quality of their teaching. A teacher who is calm, patient, kind, funny, affectionate, able to discipline when necessary and not angry or aggressive will be regarded highly and respected by the students. The students will be able to develop a good relationship with the teacher and this will have a positive effect on their learning.

What are the tips for teachers to improve their student relationships?

1) Learning names – The sooner you can learn the names of your students the better. Communication will be improved and a bond created.

2) Favourite students – Do not make it appear that you have favourite students. This will not go down well with the majority of the class and you will lose their respect.

3) Be interested – Always find the time to hear what the students have to say. If they ask at an inappropriate time get back to them later. Do not forget or they will feel you are not interested.

4) Praise and Reward – Encourage students by giving them plenty of praise and rewarding them with small prized when they reach the targets you set for them. Help them develop their confidence and belief that they can achieve their goals.

5) Patience – If the students do not understand your instructions remain patient and calm if you have to repeat them.

6) Individual attention – Give each student a little one to one time so they can see you care about them personally.

7) Set a good example – Always show respect and good manners. Be an example for the students to learn from.



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