“Eternals” Shots Go Long, Tickets On Sale

“Eternals” Shots Go Long, Tickets On Sale

by Sue Jones
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Eternals Shots Go Long Tickets On Sale

Tickets have gone on sale for Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” film this morning, just over three weeks out from the film’s release.

In addition, the film’s director Chloe Zhao recently spoke with Fandango (via Indiewire) about her approach to shooting the movie.

As we already knew, she used as little green-screen as possible and shot on location where possible to make the film feel real and grounded, yet also fantastical when it needs to.

In this interview she reveals that she’s bringing her signature immersive long takes into play so we can expect the length of the film’s shots to run far longer than the MCU standard:

“The film must feel immersive enough for the audience to believe that these superhero characters have walked the earth for 7,000 years. So, to do that, there’s what I like to call an anthropological way of capturing things. The cameras are very grounded, and the movements are very natural.

Shots are longer – we use wide-angle lenses, and deep focus… it’s about giving the audience the space and the time to be able to explore what’s within the frame, and therefore come to their own conclusion of the relationship between the characters and the space they’re in.

We definitely linger with the camera, both in action sequences and if it’s someone walking through a village or in space with the Celestials. We always try to see how long we can hold before we have to cut. When you have unlimited tools, it was very important to set limitations. So for us, we set the language up and then we follow it strictly. And part of that for us is to try to linger in every type of scene as much as possible for a film like this.”

“Eternals” unfolds after the events of “Avengers: Endgame” as a group of powerful immortals come together to stop the alien race known as the Deviants.

The interview confirms the film clocks in at around 150 minutes and will include two post-credits scenes. “Eternals” opens exclusively in theaters November 5th.

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