Evolution and Future of VoIP Technology



VoIP technology in 2010

Well if we talk about the evolution of VoIP we have to go back to late 2003 or the beginning of 2004. However the technology found its place in mainstream telecommunications only in the year 2009, when services like Skype, Vonage, and Lingo and innumerous such companies stated using VoIP service as a way for long distant communication. And it is an in-born nature of human that they never get satisfaction with the existing technology and hence the aspects of VoIP in 2010 and future is very bright. Also with the sponsors of big brands like Google in this field will take the technology to new heights in very near future.

Google in the field of VoIP

Google is a company which was started by three young guys back in 1995 and now it tops the list of existing companies in this world. They have always focused on quality and perfection and that is what has made it the most popular company in the planet. Google Voice developed by Google was a revolution in offering its customers huge number of options which hardly any application offers. Being a pioneer now they are shaking hands with Gizmo and planning to create yet another revolution in the field of VoIP technology. So in order to maintain an existence in the market other companies like Skype, Vonage etc have to keep up with these developments or else their number of customers will get reduced.

So actually whenever there is competition in the market, we, the customers, will get benefited as the rates will drastically get lower unlike the case when there is monopoly of a single company. Due to this rising competition we are also very likely to get special discounts and other benefits too.

Future aspects of VoIP

Future of VoIP is really looking very bright. If we see a few years back, calling a friend in United States from India really made our pockets empty and that too too with just a few couple of minutes of conversation. Nowadays with the advent of VoIP technology, which literally stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, we can make unlimited calling to any country we want at almost local calls rates. We are even getting some free minutes too, by many providers, and this has led to get contact to even the most remote places at prices to as low as to even 1 cent per minute.

Actually in the last decade, this era has seen the most drastic development in the field of telecommunications and VoIP is one very good example. However, this service is still not in use in many countries, but with the advent of technological advancement, in very near future, almost every people in the world will be using VoIP service for communication. Even with the arrival of Mobile VoIP service, you can start making calls to any mobile from your handset. However, at the present scenario, special handsets are needed for using Mobile VoIP services like Google Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile, which will be sorted out very soon in near future.



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