Face Painting: A Great Business For Moms



Many stay-at-home moms search for a flexible, home-based way to earn a little extra money. Although it may sound like an unusual career path, becoming a Professional Face Painter could be just the ticket many moms are looking for. Why?

Face Painting = Happiness

What other business can you own where your job is to make a kid smile? Face Painting is a fantastic way to spread smiles, allow kids to be individuals and to express your own creativity.


For under $ 50.00, a beginner's "toolbox" of Face Painting supplies can be purchased. This cost pales in comparison to some of the financial commitments that are encouraged when starting other businesses or purchasing the inventory to sell at craft shows, etc. And it's never a waste to purchase Face Painting supplies because your kids will love them as much as you do! Do not be surprised if they offer to paint you sometime.


As in most things in life, the best way to learn is by doing. Once you've purchased the appropriate face paints, brushes and other supplies, start painting. There are e-books available to you as well as professional face painters, who network on the Internet, ready and anxious to share their knowledge and advice on getting started and building a business.


Armed with a few hundred business cards, a camera and your Face Painting masterpieces as your promotional tools, your marketing efforts can bloom. By volunteering to face paint for friends, neighbors, school, etc., you have the ability to begin booking paid events quite quickly.


This overview of the opportunity to become a Professional Face Painter is not an attempt to oversimplify the business of Professional Face Painting. The great face painters of the world practice their craft extensively, train with the best instructors and meticulously maintain their accounting records and booking calendars.

For a mom or even a creatively inclined college student, Face Painting is a business that should be considered. Work where and when you want. Establish your pricing structure based on your own market. Maintain the flexibility needed to care for your own children. And make a little extra income for your efforts.



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