Family Management: Meet the Parents

April 05, 2021

Erica and Kevin show snapshots of life for them these days — basically, frantically working when not giving their all to childcare. They discuss how they’re handling the latest challenges working parenthood has thrown at them, highlighting tools and tips that are helping them cope.


  • “A Way Forward for Working Parents,” by Daisy Dowling
  • “How to Talk to Your Kids About Work During the Pandemic,” by Jacqueline Zeller
  • “Navigating Pandemic Fatigue as a Working Parent,” by Stewart D. Friedman and Alyssa F. Westring
  • The HBR Working Parents Series Collection, by Harvard Business Review
  • Workparent: The Complete Guide to Succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself, and Raising Happy Kids, by Daisy Dowling

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