Fido, Koodo offering some customers 5GB of bonus data for Black Friday

Fido, Koodo offering some customers 5GB of bonus data for Black Friday

by Lily White
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Fido’s 5GB bonus only lasts for 15 months, while Koodo’s will last until you change your plan


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In October, MobileSyrup reported that Fido was doling out 5GB of free bonus data to customers for 15 months. It appears the Rogers flanker brand is still doing that — or has started doing it again — but with a holiday twist this time around. Plus, Koodo seems to have gotten in on the bonus data action too.

According to a screenshot of a Fido text message sent to MobileSyrup by a tipster (thanks!), Fido is giving some customers the 5GB bonus data seemingly as part of Black Friday. You can read the full text (or view the screenshot) below:

“Hi [redacted], it’s Fido. What starts with “S” and ends with “urprise” … SURPRISE! Thanks to Black Frideals you’re getting an extra 5GB of free data every month for 15 months. 🎁 Seriously! There’s no plan changes required, no new contracts for you to sign and no strings attached. 😱”

Fido 5Gb 15 Months

If you’re a Fido customer, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any of these messages. Alternatively, you can check your Fido ‘MyAccount’ to see if the bonus 5GB (or any other offers) are available for you.

Unfortunately, bonus data deals like this tend to be very ‘your mileage may vary.’ In other words, if you don’t get the text from Fido, there’s probably a decent chance you won’t have the offer in your account.

That said, Fido has been doing the 5GB bonus data for 15 months for a while now. We’ve written about it multiple times before, and there’s even a RedFlagDeals (RFD) thread going back to early October about it.

Speaking of RFD, another thread that popped up shows Koodo is also reaching out to customers offering 5GB of free bonus data. Koodo’s offer appears to be a part of Black Friday as well. Koodo’s message requests recipients reply with ‘DATA5’ to claim the offer. Plus, Koodo’s message says customers can keep the data as long as they keep their plan, but it’ll drop off if they upgrade their phone or get a new plan.

If you’re lucky enough to get one of these offers, it’s probably worth claiming it. Extra free data is almost always a welcome bonus.

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