“Fight Club” Receives New Ending In China

“Fight Club” Receives New Ending In China

by Sue Jones
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Fight Club Gets A New Ending In China
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David Fincher’s 1999 cult hit “Fight Club” has freshly arrived on Chinese streaming platform giant Tencent Video, but it turns out the film boasts a wildly different ending to the one the rest of the world sees.

The original ending sees the ‘death’ of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and everything after that with Project Mayhem successfully carrying out their plan for anarchy, was reportedly removed in order to satisfy censors and the Chinese government.

Now an on-screen text has replaced the film’s last few minutes and explains that Project Mayhem’s plan was halted by police and Tyler Durden was put away – the state proving triumphant. The text can be seen here:

FIGHT CLUB’s ending for the Chinese release (on Tencent Video) was changed to this and now I’m waiting for someone to fanfic a sequel based on this censored ending. pic.twitter.com/zYB0bY3Dlp

— Courtney Howard @ #Sundance (@Lulamaybelle) January 24, 2022

It’s also not clear if government censors ordered the new ending, or if the producers or streamer made the changes themselves to avoid such an order.

Source: Collider, The Guardian

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