Flower and Vine Tattoo Designs – Ideas For Trendy Tattoos

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Flower and vine tattoo designs can be both edgy and delicate depending on the person sporting it and how the artist tattooed it. This is a favorite combination among girls and women alike because of its versatility plus the trendy and stylish image it can add to one’s personality.

Flowers and vine tattoos look good on almost any part of the body. They can be executed in any size, length, shape, or color combination depending on the placement that one chooses. The most popular style done for this type of tat theme is the tribal bracelet type usually wrapped around the ankle, wrist or arms.

Of course, you do not always have to confined yourself on what’s known as the normal trend. It would be better if you can come up with an original and unique style of your own. Here are some suggestions where you can draw up some ideas:

*A creeping vine combined with a flower of your choice that starts at the ankle and works its way up the calf

*A large vine blended with your favorite flower that starts from your hip area all the way to your rib cage.

*A small vine and flower combination inked symmetrically on top of your foot .

*A vine and flower tattooed horizontally on your lower stomach

These are just some great ideas to inspire you. You can Google photos online to and you’ll find everything from full body flower and vine tattoos to simple floral vines that encircle wrists. Once you have an idea in mind, you can ask the help of your tattoo artist and he can always do a freehand or custom design for you.



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