Food Marketing Deception, and Why You Are Still Fat

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The other day I was browsing to the food section at my local grocery, and I got pretty angry with what I found. You see there so many products today that claim they are healthier than their natural counterpart. Like this particular product I found yesterday. This product claimed it was better than eggs. These products are some of the reasons why Americans are so fat. We look at the label and see fat-free and healthy and think, “Oh man that must be something I can eat without consequence!”. While the truth is, no matter what you eat, you will get a consequence, whether good or bad. The sad thing is, most of these foods claiming to be healthy or fat-free, often result in bad consequences for your body, and you get fat.

When I saw this product. I couldn’t believe how ridiculous these claims are. It says it’s healthier than regular natural eggs, but with a quick look at the ingredients and after seeing what’s actually inside of the product I realized it was a bold face lie. Basically, the product is just the egg white, with a bunch of different chemical, colorings, and flavors with some artificially added vitamins.

This product removed one of the healthiest parts of the egg, the yolk. Yolks are the healthiest part of the egg. Anyone who says differently doesn’t really understand real nutrition and the value behind egg yolks. What nobody seems to realize is that most, if not all of the quality nutrition that you get from an egg is all inside the yolk. Most of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are inside the yolks, not whites. Even the Yolk protein is of higher quality than the egg white.

And everyone likes to throw around the word cholesterol when it comes to egg yolks. The cholesterol inside the egg is actually good for you and raises your good cholesterol level more than your bad, which improves your overall health. And the fats found inside eggs are actually balanced and very healthy for you as well.

This is just another case of food marketing deception. Remember, when it comes to healthy foods. The closer is to its natural state, the better it will be for you (well mostly). Just use your common sense and if it has anything processed or something doesn’t look right or seems to good to be true. It probably is.


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