Fortnite: 7 Lingering Questions From The Chapter 2 Finale

Fortnite: 7 Lingering Questions From The Chapter 2 Finale

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Fortnite Chapter 2 is in the books, and while we wait for Chapter 3 to begin, it’s best not to jump in head-first without a grasp on everything that happened in the Fortnite Chapter 2 finale. Still, there are some things we can’t quite speak to. As always, Fortnite loves a good mystery. With the Cube Queen seemingly defeated for now, but the fate of so much hanging in the balance for Chapter 3, Season 1 and beyond, here are seven lingering mysteries from the Fortnite Chapter 2 finale.

What happened to Slone?

When the Bridge was flooded just as the island was completing its end-over-end rotation, the looper (player character), The Foundation, Jonesy, and The Scientist were thrown outward into the great, big ocean. Presumably, they all survived because the looper was the least equipped to deal with the surge of water, and even they did, but what about Slone? We last saw her in another part of the Bridge. What became of that room when the entire base was washed away?

On a meta level, she’s likely alive because her arc hasn’t been told yet, but where does Slone go from here now that The Seven have saved the Zero Point from annihilation twice, and both times she stood in the way?

Did Slone Survive The Flooded Bridge? If So, Where Will She Wash Up?
Did Slone survive the flooded Bridge? If so, where will she wash up?

How did The Foundation “get over” dying?

When Slone looked on in awe at the fact that The Foundation was there to save the day, she said what many of us were thinking: “I watched you die.” Without missing a beat, The Foundation takes off his mask (and reveals The Rock’s likeness) before nonchalantly delivering a mysterious reply: “I got over it.” Now, in the Fortnite world, people die and return all the time, due to the Loop, which seems to come as one of the Zero Point’s properties. But The Foundation seemed to die outside of the Loop, meaning he should be dead-dead. So why isn’t he?

Why did the blue cube (AKA Blevin) not help the Cube Queen?

While other cubes converged to form The Pyramid according to their master’s demands, Blevin refused. Instead, it headed toward Pleasant Park and helped create a shield around the loopers, to protect as many as it could from the Cube Queen’s destruction. Its valiant efforts eventually got Blevin shattered into tiny pieces by The Last Reality, but what motivated it to defy its leader in the first place? And can we maybe get some super glue and piece Blue Kevin back together?

The Seven Know This Place Better Than Seemingly Anyone Else.
The Seven know this place better than seemingly anyone else.

What was the device Agent Jones was strapped to?

When The Foundation busts into The Bridge to save Agent Jones, Slone is seconds away from, apparently, removing him from the Loop permanently using some strange device. Strapped to his head and reading out all kinds of confusing data, Slone’s device seemed to be built to evaporate loopers permanently. What is this device, to whom does it belong, and what would’ve happened to Agent Jones if The Foundation didn’t arrive just in time? Better yet, has anyone used it before?

Why does the island have a flipside?

Perhaps the biggest mystery of all is one we’ll actually have answered pretty soon: Why does the island have a coin-like heads and tails? The Seven flipped the island, and visually speaking, the spectacle was stunning to watch, but why did it happen at all? How does a whole world exist underwater like that? Is it really under there at all times, or was it perhaps summoned somehow, like being pulled in from a parallel reality when the right buttons are pushed in The Bridge? Hopefully the Chapter 3 island will shed some light on what the heck is going on.

Catch You On The Flipside.
Catch you on the flipside.

Is the Cube Queen really gone?

We seemed to watch the Cube Queen get detonated by the flipping island. Her extraction (or destruction?) of the Zero Point was nearly complete, but for some reason, the flipped island caused her to explode when her golden orb came into contact with the water. Was it she that could not touch water, or was it her glowing orb? Furthermore, was whatever that was enough to cast her off for good? If so, what mortal dangers may arise in Chapter 3 now that she’s been… waterlogged?

For how long were The Seven planning this?

One thing that’s absolutely clear is everything we saw The Seven do during the finale was pre-planned. As The Foundation saves Jonesy and initiates the flipping of the island, he says they’re onto “phase two,” at which point The Visitor and The Scientist come streaking through the sky to save loopers and drive back The Last Reality. This heavily implies they weren’t just winging it, and had a specific plan in mind. But for how long did they know this was what it was going to take? No matter what, we can infer they may understand the island better than anyone–even IO and Doctor Slone.

While we wait for Chapter 3, you can catch a spoiler-filled glimpse at the next battle pass and a Gears of War crossover.

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