Fortnite: Best Landing Spots In Chapter 3 Season 1


The Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 map is home to dozens of new landmarks and NPCs, and brings a brand-new loot pool featuring never-before-seen weapons and healing items. Learning the lay of the land and knowing where to enter the fray is one of the most important parts of any battle royale, and that remains true on the new Fortnite map. After dozens of hours, here are our picks for the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1.

Fortnite: best landing spots for Chapter 3

Greasy Grove

Come for the tacos, stay for the loot.
Come for the tacos, stay for the loot.

This fast food hub is surrounded by several residences, which reminds us of Retail Row, but its more thickly-settled houses are akin to Holly Hedges. Put that together and you’ve got a place rich with loot without the need to trek very far to collect it all. We recommend dropping right into the gas station for its chests and a parked car (probably with off-road tires too). Or, you could try the taco restaurant, in which you’ll find plenty of weapons and food items in the basement. Then loot all the residences nearby like The Grinch.

Rocky Reels

If the Storm wasn't moving in, you could maybe catch a movie.
If the Storm wasn’t moving in, you could maybe catch a movie.

The drive-in theater is back for Chapter 3, but apparently under new management given its revised name. At Rocky Reels, you’ll still find a giant projection screen loaded with loot in its hidden stairwell, but around the open area beneath it, you’ll find a ton of healing items inside coolers. Oftentimes, these coolers are full of Chug Splash, which makes landing at this location the fastest way to get shields to 100 in the game. You can also explore nearby snack shacks for an absurdly high number of ammo chests–so many, in fact, that it can feel like a bug.

Chonker’s Speedway

Start your engines!
Start your engines!

Chonker’s Speedway features the unmissable dirt racetrack, and it always keeps you ready for a quick getaway thanks to the fleet of Whiplashes pre-loaded with off-road tires. This makes it a wise landing spot for the indecisive players of the Fortnite world. While its two central buildings on either side of the starting line have plenty of loot to go around, the cars make for an easy getaway should you realize halfway down your descent that the drop is too spicy for your tastes.

Camp Cuddle

Sure, they call it Camp Cuddle, but enemies rarely care to embrace.
Sure, they call it Camp Cuddle, but enemies rarely care to embrace.

Every Fortnite island needs a sizable lake, and for Chapter 3, it’s found at Camp Cuddle. This location has several NPCs in close proximity to one another, meaning you can buy special loot or take on gold-rewarding quests in a flash. If you’re not one to take up shop at its central island featuring the watchtower as seen above, you can explore the many wood cabins around the area, complete with lots of foraged items and plenty of loot for a full squad. The water and ziplines help make for a fast exit once the Storm closes in too.

Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound is ironically quite lively.
Sleepy Sound is ironically quite lively.

The fan-favorite landing spot of Chapter 3 so far is Sleepy Sound. This riverside boating community offers many tightly-packed buildings side by side, making it easy for you to start at one end and clear it out room by room as you run the length of the region. The combination of several boats, a gas station, and the Sticks Restaurant all being right there completes the all-in-one appeal of Sleepy Sound. It has something for all types of players, so long as you’re ready for a fight from the drop.

Daily Bugle

Listen closely and you can hear demands for pictures of Spider-Man.
Listen closely and you can hear demands for pictures of Spider-Man.

There’s maybe never been a location with as much loot per room as you’ll find in the Daily Bugle’s central skyscraper. The multiple floors offer loads of chests, floor loot, and ammo boxes, in a way that’s more reminiscent of PUBG: Battlegrounds than anything Fortnite has done before. Surrounded by ziplines and Spider-Man’s bouncy webs outside for added fun, the only downside is that it’s such a popular landing spot. Like Sleepy Sound, you’ll probably never get the place to yourself, but if you survive the initial onslaught, you’ll clean up better here than anywhere else.

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