Fortnite Dark Jonesy Quests: Collect Scrolls, Touch A Cube, Shadow Stone, And More

Fortnite Dark Jonesy Quests: Collect Scrolls, Touch A Cube, Shadow Stone, And More

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It’s Fortnitemares season, and among a bucket of other sweets like new NPCs, weapons, and modes, there are five new Dark Jonesy quests to complete as part of his new questline, The Oracle Speaks. This questline re-ups Dark Jonesy’s XP offerings to 150,000, the standard rate for new punchcards. It also includes a number of perplexing tasks, but we’re here to help. Here’s how to complete all Dark Jonesy quests including things like how to touch a cube, where to collect scrolls, and what to do with the Shadow Stone.

Fortnite Dark Jonesy Quests

There are five new Dark Jonesy quests. You can greet him at Steamy Stacks where he is still residing and studying the cubes’ elusive motives. As Dark Jonesy is the first NPC of the season to offer two separate questlines, be sure to initiate the correct quest when you are given the choice in his dialogue options.

Here are Dark Jonesy’s five new quests as part of The Oracle Speaks questline:

  • Collect Scrolls at different IO Bases (2) – 30,000 XP
  • Use a Shadow Stone, then recover the Spirit Vessel (1) – 30,000 XP
  • Touch a cube (1) – 30,000 XP
  • Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments (2) – 30,000 XP
  • Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his vision (1) – 30,000 XP

If you’re a frequent player, you’ll recognize these objectives as the sort of odd, one-off story quests we’ve seen a lot of before. That also means their solutions are rather tricky. Here’s what you can do to complete his questline and earn all 150,000 XP.

You Can Help Dark Jonesy Restore His Soothsaying Abilities With New Fortnitemares Quests.
You can help Dark Jonesy restore his soothsaying abilities with new Fortnitemares quests.

First, to collect scrolls from different IO bases, you’ll need to head to any of the smaller IO bases around the island. Recall that the IO guards have abandoned their satellite stations. Instead, you should look for them at the IO’s new checkpoint-like bases. We’ve got a guide on those IO bases here for you. Each IO base will have one scroll for you to collect, and you’ll need to visit two different bases to complete this challenge.

To collect a Shadow Stone, you can head to any alien crash site, but the Spirit Vessel you’ll need to find after is within Weeping Woods, to the west of the cabins, so you should grab a Shadow Stone from within Weeping Woods. Then head to the Spirit Vessel. Interact with it to complete the second quest. For story purposes, you’ll now have the Spirit Vessel on your person, though you can’t see it or hold it.

Next, head to The Convergence where all the massive cubes have, well, converged. Touch one. Go ahead, it won’t bite. It will bounce you away though, but that’s okay. You’ll get your XP. For the fourth challenge, stick to this area and look for purple Corruption Clusters growing out of the ground and smash them to bits, earning your next bundle of quest XP from this makeshift game of Whac-a-Mole.

Finally, head back to Dark Jonesy at Steamy Stacks and advance through all of his new dialogue options. You can pay close attention if the story interests you, or you can spam the continue button if enemies are bearing down on you.

Once you’ve done all five quests, you’ll unlock a new glider, 150,000 XP, and be well on your way to topping off your Season 8 battle pass. Don’t miss the rest of a busy month of Fortnitemares content, including the Wrath of the Cube Queen event.

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