Fortnite Season 1 Week 10 Challenges: Ziplines, Clinger Grenades, And More

Fortnite Season 1 Week 10 Challenges: Ziplines, Clinger Grenades, And More

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Fortnite Week 10 is almost here, but we’ve already got your challenges ready so you can start making plans. The challenges will be available and ready to complete as of 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on Thursday, February 10. The upcoming challenges seem to have a combat and traversal focus, which should make for easy completion, especially with a group of friends. Check out the full list below so you’re ready for 175K XP when it’s time.

Fortnite Week 10 challenges

  • Damage players with a Clinger (100) – 25,000 XP
  • Get 3 seconds of airtime in a vehicle (1) – 25,000 XP
  • Build structures (20) – 25,000 XP
  • Use bandages (10) – 25,000 XP
  • Catch a gun while fishing (1) – 25,000 XP
  • Use different ziplines in a single match (3) – 25,000 XP
  • Destroy mailboxes at Sleepy Sound or Titled Towers (5) – 25,000 XP

The Clinger can be found as chest or floor loot, and it’s one of my favorite throwables. Lob a few Clingers at or near players to cause some easy damage before you even start shooting. It’s also a great way to stop player vehicles in their tracks, or at least long enough to throw a few more. This should be a little easier than normal since players will all be working toward 3 seconds of airtime in vehicles. Look at you, working together on challenges with enemy players. So nice.

Bandages may not be as fast as the Med-Mist but they still work in a pinch. I typically complete these challenges by giving myself storm damage after finding some. That way I can just knock it out and use my item slots for more effective weapons and equipment. However you choose to do it, use bandages 10 different times for an easy 25K XP.

Condo Canyon Is A Great Place For Three (Or More) Seconds Of Airtime
Condo Canyon is a great place for three (or more) seconds of airtime

Catching a gun with a fishing pole is easy enough, but make sure your surroundings are clear before starting. This will make it easier to keep your new gun, instead of just fishing it out for someone else. Read our guide on Fortnite ziplines to quickly use three in a single match.

The last challenge is probably the easiest of all. Land at Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers and destroy five mailboxes. These areas can get pretty hot with action, especially Tilted Towers, so make sure you’re armed and safe before you start.

That might be it for this week’s challenges but things are still building with plenty more on the way. In fact, it’s looking like Fortnite may even be venturing off into uncharted territory, at least if the latest character leak turns out to be true.

Don’t forget to finish last week’s challenges as well. Epic Games has a lot of content cooking right now, so mask up and stay prepared. That way you’re ready for whatever comes next.

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