Fortnitemares Cup Marks The First-Ever Fortnite PvE Tournament

Fortnitemares Cup Marks The First-Ever Fortnite PvE Tournament

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Epic has revealed the Fortnitemares Cup, a competitive Fortnite event that breaks new ground in the game’s esports world. The Fortnitemares Cup is the first-ever PvE tournament in Fortnite’s history. Rather than face off in the traditional battle royale mode, players can squad up this week and compete in a fan-favorite limited-time mode (LTM). Here’s what you need to know.

Fortnitemares Cup

The Fortnitemares Cup begins on October 23 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET and runs until the next day at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. That gives participants about a little over a full day to set their best score in the game’s PvE mode, Horde Rush. If you want to practice taking down those massive Caretakers as seen in Wrath of the Cube Queen, you can jump into Horde Rush anytime ahead of the tournament.

Horde Rush will stick around until the end of the Fortnite Halloween event on November 2, but if you enter the Fortnitemares Cup from the game’s competitive menu, you’ll be able to compete for a high score and walk away with free cosmetics.

You can compete in up to five matches with your group of four, and if you choose to swap squads, each team will be considered separately. That means every unique team configuration gets to keep its own score, but note that there’s no team-filling in the Fortnitemares Cup, so a shorthanded team will have to face the horde shy of the maximum team size. Horde Rush is no easy mode, but its threshold for earning the free cosmetics is pretty favorable.

If Pvp Tournaments Are Too Sweaty For You, This Pve Tournament May Be More Your Style.
If PvP tournaments are too sweaty for you, this PvE tournament may be more your style.

With every 1,000 points scored in Horde Rush, you and your squad will earn one tournament point. You’ll need to earn 2,000 tournament points to earn all three Fortnitemares cosmetics, but many players will likely earn at least the first one or two prizes because Horde Rush is a game mode where final scores end up in the hundreds of thousands. Here’s what’s on offer and what it’ll take to earn them:

  • Fortnitemares Cup loading screen – 500 points
  • Feeling Wrathful spray – 1,000 points
  • Ghoul-d Game emoticon – 2,000 points

For more on Fortnite this week, don’t miss the massive bounty of XP to be earned just by completing new quests for the Ghostbusters, Ariana Grande, and Dark Jonesy.

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