Fresh headache for Melbourne teams as border situation changes


The six Melbourne teams are all considering relocating to NSW as soon as today to avoid the seven-day Victorian lockdown that will start at midnight.

That would have allow them to spend the next two-and-a-bit weeks in NSW and then freely travel to the Northern Territory for the Darwin Triple Crown next month.

A number of the teams, including Tickford and the Blanchard Racing Team, were set to get moving later today, however a fresh change to NSW’s border stance may scupper those plans.

Anybody crossing into NSW from Victoria from 4pm local time today will be forced to serve 14 days of self isolation.

With none of the six teams already on the road, there is no way they can get trucks to the border before the cut-off.

Teams are now re-assessing their options before leaving their Melbourne bases.

Walkinshaw Andretti United, Tickford Racing, BRT, Erebus Motorsport, Team 18 and Kelly Grove Racing are all based in Melbourne.

Entering NSW as quickly as possible could still be the preferred plan for those teams, as they could serve their 14 days of self-isolation and then be free to enter the NT in time for the Triple Crown.

Entering the NT directly from Melbourne is more tricky as it requires 14-days in a quarantine facility, rather than self-isolation.

Waiting until this time next week is also risky, as NSW could further strengthen its border controls if the situation to the south worsens.

However, now the isolation order is in place, teams are unlikely to want to make that commitment unless they know all of the other affected teams will follow suit and Darwin will definitely go ahead as planned.

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