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One of Genshin Impact’s longer World Quests, but not as long as Chasm Delvers, is the Millennial Mountains quest chain. You’ll traverse all over The Chasm’s overworld terrain, and even embark on a sub-quest related to the Treasure Hunters. Please see the end of the article for a full list of rewards available at the end of the quest chain. That said, here’s how to find all locations of the required ceremonial offerings required to complete the Millennial Mountains quest.

How To Unlock

Talk to Wang who is standing in front of a ceremonial altar. He will then tell you to find six artifacts: the Flower of Farsight, the Skyfeather, the Sundial of Ages, the Cup of Commons, the Helm of Warding, and the Warrior’s Spear. He will give you the general location of each through an image. You’ll need to match the images up with locations on The Chasm’s map and then go to each area in order to recover the corresponding artifacts.


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Wang'S Location Circled In Red
Wang’s location circled in red

Artifact Locations

Flower of Farsight

The Flower of Farsight resides on Cinnabar Cliff. Go to the very top of the cliff to find three Qingxin-looking flowers. There will be a man named Tang Wuchou standing next to them. Pick all three flowers, and one of them will be the Flower of Farsight. (This will also trigger another quest after defeating Tang Wuchou. It’s optional and you do not need to complete it to finish Millennial Mountains.)


Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2 Gallery Image 3

Flower of Farsight: Hint, Location, Close-up Location


The Skyfeather is near Glaze Peak. Once again, climb to the very top of a cliff to find three Qingxin flowers surrounding a pole. The Skyfeather will be located on the ground near the Qingxin flowers.


Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2 Gallery Image 3

Skyfeather: Hint, Location, Close-up of Location

Sundial of Ages

The Sundial is located in Fuao Vale. Approaching the elevated structure shown in the image hint Wang gave you, you’ll see a Treasure Hunter crouched over a low table. Defeat him and grab the items on the table. One of them will be the Sundial.


Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2 Gallery Image 3

Sundial of Ages: Hint, Location, Close-up of Location

Helm of Warding

This one is easy: It’s the abandoned-looking house right next to Wang. No teleportation needed. Go inside and follow the Seelie who will very conveniently guide you to the bottom level. On the bottom level, blow up the red barrel to reveal a hidden compartment on the floor. The Helm of Warding is located there.


Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2

Helm of Warding: Hint, Close-up of Location

Warrior’s Spear

If you’re facing Wang, this will be directly to your right and up on a cliff. When you climb to the very top, you’ll see the Spear in question.


Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2 Gallery Image 3

Warrior’s Spear: Hint, Location, Close-up of Location

Cup of Commons

Cup of Commons comes with a necessary sub-quest called Undetected Infiltrations. In order to unlock the sub-quest, go to the location hinted by Wang. This is a Treasure Hunter’s abode at the bottom of Glaze Peak. After defeating the enemies there, the leader will reveal himself to be a Millelith in disguise named Yanbao. He’ll enlist your help to clear out Treasure Hunter camps in Lumberpick Valley. Go to each of the indicated camp locations and wipe out the enemies. Then you’ll face two individual Treasure Hunter bosses that are a little hardier than their underlings. DPS them down and at the end, you’ll receive a Precious chest. Open it to receive a Cup of Commons, among other rewards.


Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2 Gallery Image 3 Gallery Image 4

Cup of Commons: Hint, Location, Close-up of Location, Final Chest with Cup

Final Steps

Now with all six artifacts, go back to Wang and offer the items up at the ceremonial statue. A little crevice will open to the side. Jump down to find a Luxurious Chest and five Tenacity of the Millelith artifacts. They will all be of four-star quality and are as follows: Flower of Accolades, Ceremonial War-Plume, Orichalceous Time-Dial, Noble’s Pledging Vessel, and General’s Ancient Helm.

Luxurious Chest And Other Rewards From Millennial Mountains Quest
Luxurious chest and other rewards from Millennial Mountains quest

Millennial Mountains Quest Rewards

  • 40 Primogems
  • 30K Mora
  • 3 Hero’s Wit Books
  • 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 350 Adventure Points
  • Achievement The Millelith Shall Never Be Moved–5 Primogems

Undetected Infiltrations Quest Rewards

  • 30 Primogems
  • 40K Mora
  • 3 Hero’s Wit Books
  • 250 Adventure Points
  • Achievement Well Done, Stierlitz!–5 Primogems

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