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Get A Hair Transplant In Turkey: A Detailed Guide

by Lily White
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In recent years, the number of patients who have had hair transplant procedures worldwide has exceeded 680,000 per year. Turkey is considered the top destination to get such treatment. It is the place where you can solve hair loss issues by combining the treatment with a pleasant vacation in a lovely country, rich cultural traditions and a enjoyable climate. Check the list of the best clinics for hair transplant and start preparing for your medical journey right now!

Thousands of international medical tourists choose this destination due to the following reasons:

  • Low prices and all-inclusive package deals

Turkish hospitals are far ahead of their competitors’ thanks to the affordable pricing policy. The approximate price of hair transplantation surgery is around $2,200. For this price patients get the maximum number of replaced hair follicles per single session. If you compare the same treatment in the UK, you will need to pay $6,000-$18,000, and in the USA, it will cost around $15,000. The numbers speak for themselves. Patients save a lot of money by receiving the same quality hair transplant treatment by picking Turkey.

  • Up-to-date medical techniques and facilities

It is a stereotype to think that Turkish low prices hide low medical quality and inefficient techniques. In fact, all hospitals that deal with medical tourists coming from foreign countries have to stand huge competition to gain a top reputation. Only highly-experienced medical staff is employed. Hospitals are equipped with the most advanced facilities. You can access FUE/DHI hair transplant methods, which are top-demanded techniques in the UK and the USA. According to numerous studies, the success rate of such methods is up to 98%.

  • Advanced medical services to please international patients

When you make the decision in favor of Turkey for your hair replacement surgery, you receive excellent customer care and awesome results after the procedure. Many hospitals are happy to offer medical tourists additional services free of charge as a pleasant bonus. We speak about picking up patients from the airport, discounts on hotel stays, and interpreter assistance throughout the medical trip. All mentioned bonuses help patients to relax and focus on the treatment without thinking too much about trip arrangements. It sounds well, doesn’t it? Please continue to read the article to find more essential details regarding prices, hospitals, and medical staff.

Turkish Prices for Hair Transplants

As was already mentioned in the article, Turkish medical services are one of the most affordable in the world. You can find hot deals for hair replacement in Turkish clinics. The average costs are 4 times cheaper compared to other countries. Patients can check the price comparison:

  • Turkey: $2,200;
  • The UK: $9,000;
  • The USA: $12,000;
  • Thailand: $6,500;
  • South Korea: $6,500.

The price difference is considerably high, making Turkey a perfect destination for getting the hair of your dream.

Why Are Prices in Turkey So Cheap?

Speaking about Turkish medicine, patients should not have any correlation between quality and low prices. All available hair transplantation procedures are performed by experienced doctors who work in accordance with international protocols and worldwide-recognized quality standards. The secret is that the Turkish government invests a lot of money in making the country the leading destination among international medical tourists. It is the main reason why thousands of patients get interested in Turkish clinics.

What Benefits Do Turkish Clinics Offer for Customers?

The hospitals in Turkey treat medical tourists exclusively, as they offer a fixed price not only for hair transplant surgery but also include a complementary set of extra services to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. In most cases, hair transplant packages include the following:

  • A hair transplant procedure to place 4,000-4,500 grafts at once;
  • All the needed medical tests;
  • A comfortable stay in a 4/5-star hotel;
  • Services of a professional interpreter;
  • An individual airport pick-up.

When you are choosing a hair transplant center, it is better to inquire about a set of provided services. You must know what you pay for in advance to prepare the needed budget for your medical trip.

Checking Genuine Reviews Online

When you start thinking about a hair procedure in Turkey, you would like to be sure that you will have a positive experience with excellent results. Patients just want to solve their problem with balding hair forever and enjoy life without complexes connected to appearance. You can read reviews of other patients online to have an idea of the procedure’s outcome. Make sure you use reliable resources.

Thousands of men and women are happy to share their personal experiences about their successful hair replacement journey in Turkey. Read all the described details about the procedure, surgeons who performs the surgery, the postoperative process/treatment, any possible complications and risks, and the essential detail is the final outcome.

Motivate Yourself with Before/After Images of a Hair Transplant

Do you agree that it is better to see the result of a hair transplant procedure than to hear about it many times? If you still hesitate, you’d better watch images of patients who have already done the hair procedure in Turkey. Their successful results will definitely motivate you to do the same in the near future if you compare those images in order to predict how your appearance can change after the surgery. Once you find the work result you enjoy, you should check the clinic and the doctor who succeeded in achieving such splendid outcome.

Patients should know that final hair replacement results are not immediate. You’ll need to be patient enough to see your newly transplanted hair growing. In most cases, it takes a year to estimate the outcome, which will be preserved permanently. Medical centers in Turkey provide a warranty to ensure the quality of a hair transplant procedure.

What Hair Transplant Method Is the Most Effective?

FUE (the full name of the method is Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most efficient method that surgeons do in Turkey and the rest of the world. This method has been well-studied for more than 10 years. It gives excellent results, and it is safe and will absolutely cause any discomfort during the operation.

Top Criteria To Choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons/Clinics

Choosing the clinic and a surgeon for a hair transplant operation should be done without any rush. It is a very responsible step that can affect your overall experience and the final outcome. Most medical tourists care too much about their comfortable stay, the level of customer care, and new medical equipment. However, the first thing you have to focus on is the surgeon and the medical center where you plan to do the surgery. The experience of the chosen doctor will determine the result you want to achieve. If your doctor lacks experience, there is a risk of complications after a hair transplant procedure. Patients are advised to verify the following criteria for minimizing any kind of side effects and negative experiences after their medical journey.

The Experience of Your Doctor

You need to find a professional profile of your doctor on the official website of the medical center. Make sure you check the section about education and years of experience. It is better to ask the number of successfully performed hair replacement surgeries. It is better to deal with doctors who have completed a minimum of 700-800 hair surgeries. It is not a problem to find a top-classified surgeon in Turkey. Check out the profiles of the most famous surgeons, such as Dr. Mehmet Erdogan, Dr. Cagatay Cebeci, Dr. Safiye Kurt, and many others.

Final Thoughts

Hair transplantation is a safe and efficient option to solve the problem of hair loss. Thousands of men and women do this surgery to restore their hair density and improve their appearance and self-esteem. Making a choice in favor of Turkey, international medical tourists receive a lot of awesome benefits: affordable prices, friendly customer care, and top-quality procedures, which can change the quality of your life.


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