Going For a Rebound Girl



You want a rebound relationship? Are you positively sure you want a rebound relationship?

Go figure: You’re in a party with your rebound girl and you’re parading her around, telling your friends how better off you are without your old girl. Suddenly, you ex enters the door, her presence radiating a light only you can see, her hair bouncing lightly as she walks, and then you notice her eyes, her smile… Suddenly your knees are shaking; you sit and gulp the strongest drink in the bar like a madman. Yes, you’re still hurt! You thought you got over it? How can it be over when you didn’t even deal with it? The worst case scenario? Your rebound girl will only damage your ego if she walks out on you. What a tragedy!

Coming from experience, the worst defense mechanism over a breakup is a rebound. Frankly speaking, it won’t help you solve your problems. In fact, it will only worsen it. Rebounding is not really a way to solve an issue but a way to escape it. By escaping you simply suppress your emotions and believe it or not but suppressed emotions are like ticking bombs waiting to explode. Why, it can make anyone crazy! But there’s a way to handle yourself when you are at the brink of making this mistake.

Do you really want your ex back? If so and you’re willing to put in some effort, pay attention before it’s too late! When I was trying to get my ex back I came across some amazing techniques. By using those very specific techniques I FINALLY got my ex back, and they were the one begging for me!



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