Google Assistant might be able to turn off your Android phone soon


The beta version of the Google Search app includes an explainer for upcoming ways to use the Assistant

May 23, 2021

12:11 PM EDT

Google Assistant might get the ability to power off your Android phone with your voice in a future update.

9to5Google reports that hints of the feature were discovered in the code of a beta version of the Google Search app. The beta includes an explainer for upcoming ways to use the Assistant.

The explainer includes a section that explains how to power off your device. “Go to the power menu, press the Power button and the volume up button, or open your Assistance and say Power Off,” the section reads.

Currently, when you ask Assistant to turn off your device, it’ll either tell you that this control isn’t available or it will walk you through how to shut down your phone.

It’s worth noting that it’s unknown if this feature will be exclusive to Android 12 or if it will only be available on Pixel devices. As of now, it’s also unknown when this feature could roll out.

Source: 9to5Google

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