Google tucks pinball mini-game into Google app


Though we may have missed it when it launched back in June, Google has added a fun pinball mini-game to the Google app on iOS.

As far as Google’s Easter Egg games go, this pinball one has a surprising amount of depth to it. As you play, the levels change and more power-ups/items start to appear on the screen. It’s a straightforward concept but addicting in a “I need a high score” type of way. It might even be better than the dino jumping mini-game featured in Chrome.

On my first attempt, I was able to score 2,430.

On iOS, you can access this game by downloading the Google app, opening up a few tabs, then navigating over to the ‘Tabs’ page and scrolling up. Do this until all the tabs are no longer visible and then the mini-game will begin. Since there is no Tabs section on Android, it appears Google has only added this game to iOS.

I’ll also mention that I didn’t pull up far enough the first time I attempted to access the game. With this in mind, it’s easier to know how far to pull if you have at least six tabs open.

Source: Reddit (Friendly_Cajun)

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