Halo CE’s Magnum Isn’t In Infinite, But These Videos Show It Some Love

Halo CE’s Magnum Isn’t In Infinite, But These Videos Show It Some Love

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The release of Halo Infinite is fast approaching, and while the game is adding a ton of new features, it will be missing something: a magnum. Halo’s magnum is an iconic weapon, and if you played Combat Evolved, you can probably still hear the sound of it firing. While the franchise as a whole may be moving away from the iconic weapon, a group of animators on YouTube decided to give the magnum some well-earned attention.

As part of a challenge on YouTube, animators were tasked with reanimating Halo CE’s magnum. Animators of every caliber responded to the task with videos showing simple takes on the iconic pistol to a full 50-second long video. The latter came from former senior animator at Respawn and current expert animator at Infinity War, Ranon Sarono. Sarono has made animations for multiple weapons from 2019’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Apex Legends, and Titanfall 2.

You can find Sarono’s video down below, along with a few other videos that were submitted for the Halo CE magnum reanimation challenge.

While the magnum won’t be showing up in Halo Infinite, players will be getting a taste of everything else coming in the game as soon as this weekend. Developer 343 has been choosing people to invite to a beta, or technical preview, of the game, and it’s just about done. While it’s not clear what will be included in the beta, a stream coming later today will shed some light on those details.

The Halo Infinite technical preview is set to start this upcoming weekend.

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