Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Event Starts January 18


Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is getting another free event next week, with the available rewards set to bring a cyberpunk aesthetic to 343 Industries’ shooter.

The event, called Cyber Showdown, kicks off January 18. A brief trailer shows off some of the new rewards, including a neon-colored holographic mohawk.

There’s no official word on how long the event will last or what other rewards will be up for grabs, but dataminers look to have already uncovered much of that information. Based on the leaks, the event will run two weeks and end on February 1. Players can expect to unlock a bright pink armor and weapon coating, a stance, a visor color, weapon charm, and more.

The event will work similarly to that of previous Fracture: Tenrai events, where players will need to complete specific event challenges in order to make progress in the free event pass. According to dataminers, the Cyber Showdown will also see the introduction of new game modes like Attrition and King of the Hill.

Once the Cyber Showdown event ends, players won’t have to wait long until the next event starts. Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event will pick back up for on February 1, giving players more opportunities to unlock various samurai-themed cosmetics.

343 recently announced a hotfix will be coming to Halo Infinite in the middle of next week to address ongoing Big Team Battle matchmaking issues. After the patch has been applied, players who log in will be able to score five XP boosts and challenge swaps as compensation from 343 for issues with the game mode over the holidays.

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