Halo Infinite’s Next Event Announces Changes Due To Rising COVID Cases


Microsoft has announced that the next Halo Infinite pro tournament is undergoing some significant changes due to the pandemic. In a statement, the Halo Esports account announced that, first and foremost, spectators will no longer be allowed at the upcoming Anaheim Regional Championship in February.

Additionally, the tournament’s open bracket will now be an online-only event. The winners of the open bracket will determine the teams that play in-person at Anaheim Regional. What’s more, Microsoft said, “In order to ensure a competitive tournament that is inclusive of the broader community, we will instead be hosting an online qualifier to find the remaining 8 teams and that will join the Top 8 teams from the HCS Kickoff Raleigh 2021.”

These changes are being made “due to the rapidly changing environment around COVID-19 and the rising number of cases,” Microsoft said.

“The safety of the Halo community, as well as our staff, is and always will be the top priority,” Microsoft said. “And we will be taking additional measures on-site in Anaheim to ensure the highest level of safety while also aligning with local regulations.”

More details about the Anaheim Regional Championship will be announced on Friday, January 14, so keep checking back for more.

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