Halo’s Needler Is Now A Nerf Blaster, And We All Want It

Halo’s Needler Is Now A Nerf Blaster, And We All Want It

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Over the years, Halo has introduced the gaming world to some iconic weapons, but none of them are as cool as the Covenant’s Needler. The single-handed weapon shoots out a bunch of purple needles that explode on its target. And very soon, it’s going to be a really-cool Nerf blaster.

Revealed at Hasbro’s PulseCon, the Nerf Lmtd Halo Needler will be arriving in August 2022. Modeled after the gun from the games, the battery-operated blaster will come with a hefty price tag–$100. Below, you can see the first images of the Needler. Keep in mind, these are digitally rendered images and the product and packaging may change before final production.

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The Needler takes six AA batteries–which will not be included–and comes with 10 darts to fill up the 10-dart drum. Additionally, it comes with a game card, stand, and instructions. It is available now for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse.

“Imagine yourself as one of the Banished or Covenant and get ready to battle the UNSC,” reads the official description. “This Nerf dart blaster recreates the blaster’s distinctive design with flexible needles that light up when you grip the handle! Fire the darts and watch the needles go dark to simulate how they launch from the blaster in the game. Other light-up accents add to the exciting visual presentation.”

The Nerf Lmtd line features high-quality, highly-detailed replicas of iconic weapons from gaming, movies, and television. Last year, Hasbro revealed a blaster rifle based on Din Djarin’s from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, and one based on the rifles from Aliens, which can be pre-ordered now. The Needler will make its return once again in Halo Infinite, which releases in December.

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