Happy Caturday: what is it and when did it start?


As per the traditional poem… Friday’s child is loving and giving and Saturday’s child works for its living… but what is Caturday’s child?

Yes, you read that right.

There is a day each week that many count down to in anticipation, but you won’t find it on your calendars.

With fewer people getting dogs nowadays, Caturdays might start to take over. But just what is it and when did it start?

What is Caturday?

Caturday is the rebranding of Saturday for a specific corner of the internet.

It’s where cat people share pictures, stories and facts about cats – and if you want to get involved, we can help you out with these morsels on why they meow or why they purr.  

As the Urban Dictionary says, Caturday is ‘the greatest holiday on the internets’ – just don’t let dogs know.

When did Caturday start?

Caturday originated on the website 4Chan. It started off as a place to share cat images and memes on Saturdays (Caturday).

Caturday has been around since 2005.

It was only 5.00 am and still dark but my mum *decided* to get up and give me an early breakfast. Best #caturday ever. (By *decided* I mean I bounced on her badder until she surrendered). 🧡🾠pic.twitter.com/LSth6eV4Ku

— Tony (@gingertomtony) August 21, 2021

Caturday even has its own official website but it’s mostly celebrated on Twitter, where the hashtag #Caturday will trend most Saturdays, with users proudly showing off their purrfect companions.

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