Hemsworth May Co-Produce “Gladiator 2”?


Hemsworth May Co Produce Gladiator 2

The other week actor Russell Crowe was spotted hanging out with some of the “Thor: Love and Thunder” cast whilst that group continue shooting their film in Sydney with speculation high that he has a role in the production.

Cut to today and a source for Australian gossip mag New Idea has run a story picked up in The Daily Mail which indicates “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth and Crowe are possibly considering a “Gladiator” sequel together.

Specifically, the report indicates the pair are in talks to co-produce a follow-up to 2000’s Ridley Scott-directed film and have carefully considered the concept – spending hours musing over script ideas that will allegedly see Hemsworth playing the late Maximus’ now grown-up son.

The mag’s source says: “Russell thinks he could be the only man to credibly play his son in a Gladiator sequel.” The original film was a critical and box office sensation, earning more than $400 million worldwide and securing eleven Oscar nominations.

The new “Thor” has been filming in Sydney since late January and Hemsworth is likely to stay there for a while as he’s producing his wife Elsa Pataky’s new film “Interceptor” which begins production there this month. The report suggests Pataky is the one that got the “Gladiator 2” talk rolling between the two men.

Hemsworth is also making headlines for an interview with The Telegraph discussing his fitness regime, saying his bodybuilding efforts are “seen as vanity” and he would probably be taken more seriously as an actor if he unhealthily lost or gained weight for a role.

Then again he also posted an Instagram video from one of his training sessions this week that suggests he’s not taking anything too seriously with a testosterone-fuelled video showcasing the high camp that comes with men strenuously working out together.

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